I've lived in Greenbelt for decades, both Old and East Greenbelt.  I'm active in the community and have been served on at least three Greenbelt major committees.  However, I am not your typical G-belter.
I'm a Conservative Republican for starters.  I think "the ideals of Greenbelt's 1930's foundation" are outdated and actually hurting Greenbelt in 2012 and beyond.  We've slipped from being the top of P.G. County to the top third of its cities because we cling to outdated, non-working traditions and solutions. Our City Council is a disgrace.  The majority of the current Council, whom we elected, IMHO view their positions an entitlements for time and service rendered over their lives in Greenbelt.  It's time for new people, fresh faces, direct election of the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore as well as term limits. You might not always agree with what I have to say but I will say it: intellegently, creatively, candidly and with an occasional sense of humor thrown in.  Welcome to Mayberry, R.F.D., er, excuse me, my bad, I meant to say "Greenbelt, MD."
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