UMd. Establishes Fund in Honor of Justin DeSha-Overcash

Two university faculty members established the fund for students who, like DeSha-Overcash, struggle to pay their way through school.

The University of Maryland has established a foundation in honor of Justin DeSha-Overcash, a physics and astronomy double major .

The Justin DeSha-Overcash Summer Research Award will provide funds to out-of-state undergraduate students "eager to pursue research opportunities and explore a world of possibilities," said a letter written by Saswata Hier-Majumder and Elizabeth Warner, two faculty members who worked with DeSha-Overcash during his time at the university.

DeSha-Overcash was renowned among friends and coworkers for his work ethic, which enabled him to hold down multiple jobs at a time in order to pay his way through school. At the time of his death, DeSha-Overcash worked both as a tutor for athletes and as an undergraduate staff member at the UMd. Obvervatory. Financing his studies was a neverending challenge for DeSha-Overcash, and Hier-Majumder and Warner hope that the fund will ease the burden for other students in similar positions.

"It is our hope that this award will allow a student to stay at Maryland to conduct research that he or she is genuinely interested in rather than be forced to take
a job that simply pays the bills," the letter said.

Checks can be made payable to The University of Maryland College Park Foundation (UMCPF) with a memo line designating the gift to the Justin DeSha-Overcash Award. Donations may also be made online here -- just search "Overcash" and follow the links.  

Anyone with questions can contact Lawrence Liff at (301) 405-1082 or lliff@umd.edu.


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