Northwestern High Harlem Shake: Version Three

Okay. We get it, Wildcats. You like the Harlem Shake.

The kids at Northwestern really, really like the Harlem Shake meme. If that fact wasn't obvious after students produced not one, but two Harlem Shake videos, there is now a third Harlem Shake video from the Hyattsville high school which scales the meme to massive levels not previously seen locally. 

Whereas previous Northwestern Harlem Shake videos featured small crowds of students, this one turns up the participation knob to 11, with hundreds of students taking part in the production which was shot in the school auditorium. A school administrator is even seen getting his freak on. (Readers: Who is that bearded dance master at the end?)

So congrats, Northwestern High School. I didn't think I would end up writing this much about the Harlem Shake here in Hyattsville, but here we are. 

That doesn't mean I want to stop writing about the Harlem Shake, not by any measure. I'll glady highlight any Harlem Shake video with a Hyattsville tie-in to it, from now on to eternity. 

Northwestern has certainly thrown down the gauntlet, though. Your move, other area schools and organizations. (DeMatha, where you at?)


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