Some Questions for the City Council

Labrador or Labradoodle? I am sure the Council has an opinion they would like to express for us.

The Mayor and City Council's decision to and a constitutional amendment to for the residents of College Park got me thinking. Here are a few more questions that the Council and Mayor might want to give their two cents about for the residents of College Park:

  1. Should Mark Turgeon install Phil Jackson's famous "Triangle Offense" to improve our beloved Terps?
  2. How should Randy Edsall fix the myriad of problems on his team?
  3. Should the Redskins try to get Peyton, trade up for RG III, trade down for picks or just take the best available at the number 6 pick in the draft?
  4. While we are on the Redskins, should Dan Snyder sell the team so we can get a good owner?
  5. Labrador or Labradoodle? 

All kidding aside, what is next? Is the Council going to weigh in for the people of College Park on other potentially divisive issues that do not affect our city—like abortion, immigration reform and gun control?  

This is not about supporting or opposing the legislation they are addressing. It is about them using their public office to express opinions for us. It is the right and responsibility of each individual citizen to speak on important issues such as these to their appropriate elected officials. In cases that directly impact the city, it MAY be appropriate for the Council to weigh in. Our Council, with the exception of Councilman Kabir, obviously felt it necessary to speak for us. 


I suspect the council feels that they can do whatever they want on issues that do not concern the city. I believe that they are emboldened by the fact that most of them do not even have to campaign for their seats on the City Council.

Since these issues do not affect the city or its business, the Council had neither the right nor the responsibility to speak for the people... I wish they hadn't.

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Peter February 07, 2012 at 11:56 PM
Hey 'hmj'-get a clue! Neither Jeffs or Sandusky are upstanding gay citizens...please stop using this idiotic argument!!! Jeffs is a polygamist and Sandusky happens to be a conservative republican Catholic from your GOP. Please stop making ignorant comments for your own sake & if you choose to continue, please use a real name and stop hiding your biggotry and close-mindedness behind 'hmj.' Thanks.
Peter February 08, 2012 at 12:01 AM
A little paranoid Lee...jeez...get a life! PLEASE! You suck and your comments are even worse. You are an extremely poor example of a teacher/person and I truly feel for the students at the Montessori School. Why don't you move to California...oh wait, they just ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage was UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!! The world is coming to an end! You should go into hiding immediately!
Barry February 08, 2012 at 01:46 AM
The point is there is no reason for the city council to voice "their" opinion about this matter. Nobody cares if the city is for or against it. As a citizen it just comes off as self serving when this happens. The same way if you were to voice your support for starving children of Africa which is a much more important then gays being allowed to have a title of "marriage" conveyed to them. And yes, starving children in Africa is important to the citizens of CP.
Rick Hudson February 10, 2012 at 06:06 PM
This issue is very similar to the bag tax that was just killed by a state committee. I was opposed to the bag tax, however I am just as much against the a state committee arbitrarily deciding that Montgomery County can have a bag tax and we cannot. They should have stayed out of both discussions. Thoughts?
Nick February 13, 2012 at 02:29 PM
I believe PG county government went to the state legislature as a way to get around PG's requirement that new taxes be brought to the people. Montgomery County doesn't have this sort of good-government limitation, so they can impose onerous taxes against the will of its citizens.


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