Your Ideas: Boosting Business During the Summer Lull

With university students mostly gone, some College Park business owners adjust operations, bracing for a summer dip.

As the weather warms and students leave for home, some businesses in College Park are adjusting operations to mitigate a dip in business during the summer months.

“It slows way down,”  owner Bobby Karanovich told The Gazette. He, and other business owners use various approaches to lessen the impact of a semi-depleted campus.

The city is also using new tactics, like free Saturday parking at the Yale Avenue garage and a , The Gazette reported.

Read the full Gazette story here.

Economic Development Coordinator Michael Stiefvater that the city would like to try other strategies, like temporary art projects in some of the vacant storefronts, and monthly downtown events during the summer. that can be borrowed for free from  and used with the sidewalk grid at Knox Road and U.S. Route 1, to attract more activity to that area.

What sort of tactics do you think local businesses and the city can use to combat the summer lull and absence of students? Tell us your ideas in the comments.

Danny June 07, 2012 at 11:05 AM
what about the obvious solution of not enforcing the meters after 5pm and on saturdays during the summer? who in his or her right mind would pay to park to patronize the likes of subway, chipotle, potbelly, or starbucks when each has plenty of other local outlets with free parking? (and let's not pretend that the downtown business owners want the meters enforced during the summer. they don't. and if they do, they're poor businesspeople and should find another occupation.)


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