Unofficial Results Updated: Wojahn, Nagle Win D1; Stullich, Day Win D3

Official vote count, which will include absentee ballots and provisional votes, will happen tomorrow.

District 1 (32 absentee ballots left to count.)

Patrick Wojahn, 324 votes *

Christine Nagle, 296 votes *

Fazlul Kabir, 287 votes

Distrcit 2 (3 absentee ballots left to count.)

Robert Catlin, 49 votes *

Monroe Dennis, 54 votes *

District 3 (10 absentee ballots left to count.)

Stephanie Stullich, 292 votes *

Robert Day, 226 votes *

Bob McCeney, 111 votes 

District 4 (1 absentee ballot left to count.)

Denise Mitchell, 85 votes *

Marcus Afzali, 81 votes *

Mayor Andrew Fellows, uncontested, votes received:

District 1: 429

District 2: 55

District 3: 305

District 4: 87

Total: 876

Unofficial (Does not include absentee or provisional ballots.)

Voters 2011 Registered Voters Voter Turnout District 1 562 4,007 14% District 2 58 2,922 2% District 3 342 3,405 10% District 4 92 4,063 2.3% Total 1,054 14,397 7.3%
Joe Smith November 09, 2011 at 04:58 AM
Wow, those are some low figures for voter turnout. Maybe folks were scared of running into Goatman on their way to the polls.
Pamela Torro November 09, 2011 at 07:57 PM
Ha! Could be. Turn out was pretty low indeed... but I think that is about standard. I think one issue is the hours. The 8pm close time is nice, but a more reasonable start time would be nice too. My husband was almost unable to vote due to work hours and an evening appointment, but he would have been able to go easily say at 8 or 9am.


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