SHOUT OUT: Should a Footbridge Connect North College Park With the Greenbelt Metro Area?

The council meeting discussion, continued.

Several north College Park residents testified at Tuesday's mayor and council meeting against a potential footbridge connecting their neighborhood and the future redeveloped Greenbelt Metro area.

They were concerned about the impact a bridge could have on noise, crime, and the environment. Several also said a bridge built high enough for a train to pass underneath wouldn't fit in with the residential area.

But such a connection would allow for greater access from north College Park to trails and future retail, Councilman Patrick Wojahn (Dist. 1) said.

Details about the exact location, appearance and financing have yet to be determined, if the bridge is actually built.


The discussion continues here. What do you think about having a pedestrian bridge connecting the Hollywood neighborhood with the redeveloped Greenbelt Metro area?

Adelphi Sky March 31, 2012 at 08:13 AM
Yes, because if the Greenbelt project becomes successful, residents will be complaining that there is no safe pedestrian access to the development. Why not improve walk-ability. IT would keep cars off the roads.
mj23 April 01, 2012 at 09:49 PM
I wonder how Adelphi Sky would feel if he/she lived directly from where this very tall metal bridge was going to be located. This type of structure does not belong in the middle of a very quiet 1950's neighborhood. There is already access to Greenbelt by going through the Metro tunnel. Also, there is no guarantee of what type if any retail is going to go there. Most of the development is going to be housing. Many residents of this quiet North College Park neighborhood would rather see the $1 million plus spent to revitalize the Hollywood Commercial District with stores we can walk to and enjoy . Keep the revenue in CP not take it over into Greenbelt. I am all for improving walk-ability but at what cost??


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