Robert J. McCeney: 'Facing District 3 are Public Safety, Growth ... [and] Creating Positive Relationships'

Robert McCeney is running for a seat with College Park City Council in District 3, one of only two contested races this municipal election season.

Robert "Bob" McCeney is one of .

He is an elementary school teacher and a volunteer with the American Red Cross. He worked for the City of College Park for about five years in code enforcement.

He has a Bachelor's of Science in Education from the University of Maryland, a Master of Education from Bowie State University, and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Education Policy, Planning and Administration from George Washington University.

Patch sent a few questions his way, and these are the responses he e-mailed back:

College Park Patch: What is your motivation for running for a seat on council?

Robert McCeney: My motivation is to focus on concerns that my neighbors have had, and continue to have, which need to be addressed. For example, safety concerns, regular meetings of citizens associations, and recreation of neighborhood watch programs would be items on my agenda.   

Patch: What do you think are the most important issues facing District 3, and what are the most important issues facing College Park as a whole?

McCeney: The most important issues facing District 3 are public safety, growth that respects the best interests of all citizens, and creating positive relationships between all members of the community. The issues facing the City of College Park are to become a positive environment for residents, businesses, and students to improve their community and themselves.

Patch: How would you describe the cultural make-up of College Park’s District 3, and what challenges and/or opportunities result from that?

McCeney: The cultural make-up of District 3 is a diverse mixture of residents, students, and businesses.  This gives District 3 a unique opportunity to demonstrate that these groups, which have different outlooks, can grow and contribute to the development of a community. 

Patch: Over their terms, what positive things do you think your District 3 council representatives have done?

McCeney: The constituents of District 3 seem to be aware of the actions of their elected representatives, and I believe they are capable of communicating their opinions to them. 
Patch: Where do you think your current Dist. 3 representatives could have done better?

McCeney: There are places for improvement within all elected representatives, and I believe that the current District 3 Council members possess the self-awareness to know what those are. 
Patch: Assuming you are elected (and re-elected), how long do you see yourself remaining on council?

McCeney: I have been a resident of College Park for 43 years, and would remain on the City Council as long as my constituents believe that I am capable of serving their best interests.

morgan gale November 01, 2011 at 01:16 AM
I'm glad you are running, but I'd love for you to tell me what you have been working on in the city that shows me you are more about the city than just serving in elected office? Since you ran last time I have never seen you at the city council meetings or volunteering for any activities in the city. Perhaps I'm wrong, but perhaps not. Please tell me what I'm missing?


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