O'Malley Given Power to Fill Dist. 24 Vacancy

Tiffany Alston will not get her position back.

It will be up to Gov. Martin O'Malley to choose the next Dist. 24 delegate, as a Maryland court ruled that Tiffany Alston will not get her seat back, the Washington Post reports.

Maryland Court of Appeals affirmed an earlier ruling and an opinion explaining the order is expected in the new couple months.

According to the Post, O'Malley was pleased with the decision.

Ken Montville January 10, 2013 at 12:31 PM
I hope this finally ends this whole sad Tiffany Alston chapter. She can't seem to run a law practice and she can't seem to keep her financial life in order without dipping into public (taxpayer) funds. Yet, she has the arrogance to think she can represent the 24th Legislative District. She also has the audacity to play the "race card" by complaining that she wouldn't have been convicted of corruption if she had been tried in Prince George's County. Obviously, she believes the African-American community is willing to put up with corruption, no matter how petty. She obviously missed the lessons of Jack and Leslie Johnson. Her "little" financial missteps would only lead to larger and larger dips into the public cookie jar. It's a good thing she was caught early. If she's well connected she should have plenty of success with her new Mary Kay Cosmetics endeavor.
FiFi Griffin January 10, 2013 at 02:06 PM
Ken I can't agree with you more! -Signed One of her Black Constituents in PG County


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