One Candidate Reports Disappearing Campaign Signs

Another says that's just a part of elections.

With the bi-annual city Election Day kicking off mere hours from now, one candidate said a handful of his disappeared last week.

, who is running for a council seat in District 1, said his signs on the median of Edgewood Road between U.S. Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue, were removed between Monday and Thursday last week. As they disappeared, he replaced them with more. 

Kabir lost nine in all, a $50 value he said, and now he’s out of signs.

The directors of Public Works and Public Services said neither department is responsible for the removal of the signs.

The city permits candidates to place campaign signs along city roads and paths during the campaign season, as long as they don’t create a hazard. They must also be erected no sooner than 45 days prior to the election, and must be removed 48 hours after the election, as outlined by the city code.

Most other candidates in districts 1 and 3 — the two contested races — said they have not noticed signs disappearing from city property.

, who is challenging and incumbent for two seats in District 3, said 40 of his signs disappeared the last time he ran for city council, in 2009.

He said it’s just a part of election season.

“Welcome to politics,” he said.


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