Absentee Ballots Will Decide Nagle, Kabir Fate in District 1

With just nine votes separating Christine Nagle and Fazlul Kabir, the 32 issued absentee ballots yet to be counted could sway the results.

The morning after Election Day, the fate of just one of three District 1 candidates has been more or less decided with a . The other two are waiting until the official canvas at 4 p.m. Wednesday to know if they’ll be on city council next term.

District 1

won the race handily, but with just nine votes currently separating incumbent and challenger , the second District 1 representative won’t be known until 32 issued absentee ballots are counted.

“That’s about what I expected,” Nagle said after votes were tallied.

It was a much closer race than when the , and Nagle beat Kabir by 81 votes.

“It’s kind of unbelievable,” Kabir said. “I knew that this time I would be doing better than the last time, because I made many more connections with the residents,” he said.

Tuesday made the third consecutive election that Wojahn was the top vote getter in District 1. He currently has 28 votes on Nagle.

“I feel humbled and honored to continue to represent north College Park,” he said.

Wojahn said he will be pleased with the outcome of the rest of the Disrict 1 race, no matter who wins, commending Nagle for her efforts to keep the city council accountable, and Kabir's dedication to the city.

"I could work with either of them," Wojahn said.

District 3

There likely won't be surprises for with Wednesday's final vote count; the 10 issued absentee ballots yet to be factored in won't be enough to overcome the two unofficial leaders.

Of the 342 residents who voted in that district, incumbent won the support of 292 voters, and came in second place with 226 votes. lost for the second year in a row, with 111 votes.

McCeney said he was disappointed with the loss, but he still plans to be involved in the city, developing the neighborhood watch program in College Park Estates.

Several of the voters on Tuesday and in the week prior said they supported Stullich because of her responsiveness and communication with residents.

“[Stullich is] very proactive,” said District 3 voter Maybeth Dugan. “When you make a phone call or send an email, she gets the work done."

Stullich said one of the most rewarding parts of being a councilmember is helping her constituents with the issues they encounter, whether big or small.

Stullich added that she’s very excited to serve the next term — her third — with Day.

He shared the sentiment.

“We both kind of have this mind set that it’s not just District 3,” he said, but working for College Park as a whole.

He believes an endorsement from Stullich, and other officials helped carry him to a win.

Among his supporters was former College Park Mayor Steve Brayman.

"I've known [Stullich and Day] for a very long time,” Brayman said while at the polls. “I think they're good people.”

Uncontested Races

The races in districts 2 and 4 were uncontested, as was the mayoral position.

officially won his eighth term as councilman, with support from 49 of 58 District 2 voters. Lakeland Civic Association President will enter into his first term, with 54 votes backing him.

He fills a void left by , who has served on council since 1979, with just two terms off.

“There were certain things about his approach that I have learned from,” Dennis said. He said he liked how Perry would look at the big picture, then dig into it from every aspect. 

“That’s the way I’d like to approach things,” he said.

Two incumbents, and will return to District 4. Each is wrapping up his and her first terms.

Of 92 residents who voted in District 4, 81 supported Afzali, and 85 voted for Mitchell.

Mitchell said it was meaningful when her constituents came out to vote, even though they didn’t have to.

“They did want to let us know that they approve the work that we’ve done,” she said.

inherited the role of mayor for a second term, as he ran unchallenged. Of 1,054 voters citywide, 83.1 percent voted for him.


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