County Animal Control to Hear Case of Alleged Stray Dog Attack

The dog was picked up by College Park Animal Control and in the care of All Dogs Club.

A College Park resident has alleged that a stray Labrador/boxer mix named Francis under the care of All Dogs Club attacked her dachshund mix and caused severe injuries, according to the public information officer of the county's Department of Environmental Resources.

The case will go before the county Animal Control Commission at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Animal Services Facility in Upper Marlboro.

College Park Animal Control picked up the dog and placed it in the dog care facility All Dogs Club. The incident allegedly occurred on the watch of All Dogs Club in March.

The City of College Park is listed as an involved party, because the city's Animal Control picked up Francis. City Attorney Suellen Ferguson, who will speak at the hearing, declined to comment.

At a recent mayor and council work session, Ferguson said this case brings liability issues for the city to the forefront, especially when animals intercepted by the city's animal control are under the care of a second party.

"If [an animal in foster care] causes any damage of any kind, then the city is liable for that?" Ferguson asked city Animal Control Officer Vivian Cooper at the meeting.

"I would assume so, yes," Cooper said.

The owner of All Dogs Club also declined to comment. The resident making the allegations, Charron Parker, could not be reached.

The commission will determine if All Dogs Club violated three sections of the county's code: Manner of Keeping Animals, Animals at Large Prohibited and Vicious Animals.


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