Police Up Ante, Charge Councilwoman with Reckless Driving

After review, Prince George’s County police issued a citation and fine to Karen Toles.

A Prince George’s County Council member, accused by police last month of excessive along the Capital Beltway, has now been issued a reckless driving citation and fine.

Councilmember Karen Toles (D-Dist. 7) of Suitland was originally fined $90 and given a warning for speeding Feb. 22, according to Prince George's County police. Toles was traveling close to 105 mph—50 mph above the speed limit, according to WUSA9 and other news reports.

But Tuesday, Prince George’s County Police officials said they the traffic stop and are now slapping Toles with a $510 fine and six points on her license in addition to the reckless driving citation, according to police.

Toles was driving a county-issued vehicle at the time. She has since said that she would no longer use the SUV until she completed a driving improvement class, though she was late last week.

Prince George’s County Council Chair Ingrid M. Turner said in a statement today that the issue is now left for the courts.

“The police department has concluded the investigation into council member Toles’ Feb. 22 traffic incident with a citation for reckless driving. This is now a matter for the judicial system,” she said. 

“Prior to today’s action, the county council agreed and maintains that council member Toles will have no use of or access to a county-assigned vehicle, for her safety and the safety of others.”

Police said the officer who pulled Toles over did not have the proper equipment to cite her for reckless driving during the initial traffic stop.

Walter Darnall March 08, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Well, well! Kudos to the P.G. Police for their review assessment and modification of their original traffic violation charges concerning councilwoman Toles. As I opined at Patch in an earlier article about the councilwoman, she should have been cited for wreckless driving. I based my opion on the fact she was speeding at 105 MPH and 50 MPH over the posted speed limit. This kind of speed meets the criteria for wreckless driving, not just simple speeding. Now councilwoman Toles will face double-jeopardy, as her personal auto insurance rates are going to go up like the cost of gasoline! Just sign me -- a guy that believes in personal responsibility and negative consequences for one's irresponsible wreckless actions!
Ken Montville March 08, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Yay! The police acted quickly to rectify their error so at least they won't come under too much scrutiny for playing favorites. Next time Karen Toles comes up for election I hope someone decent steps up to oppose her who respects public safety and will not try to intimidate the police.


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