City Council Agenda: Cafritz Preliminary Plan, Tree Maintenance, Fireworks

Members will also discuss the renewal of liquor licenses for College Park establishments.

The mayor and council of College Park are set to hold a worksession tonight (Tuesday, Jan. 15) at 7:00 p.m. at city hall. Below, find a rundown of tonight's agenda.


1. Finalize logo and  discuss marketing plan with Matt McDermott from idfive: Michael Stiefvater and Chantal Cotton

2. Discussion of Early Voting issues around Paint Branch Elementary Schooi: Councilmember Afzali (Mrs. Alisha Alexander,  Prince George's County Election Administrator, will attend) 

3. Award of FY '13 Community Services Grants: Steve Groh, Director of Finance 

4. Removal of Healthy Trees on Wichita: Councilmembers Kabir and Wojahn 

5. Review of proposed changes to Chapter 179, Tree and Landscape Maintenance, suggested by the Tree and Landscape Board: Mark Wimer, Chair 

6. Preliminary Plan of Subdivision for the Litton Technology Center: Terry Schum, Director of Planning 

7. Annual Liquor License Renewals for City establishments: Bob Ryan, Director of Public Services 

8. Extension of Fireworks Contract: Bob Ryan, Director of Public Services 

9. Program Guidelines For Commercial Tenant Improvement Program: Terry Schum, Director of Planning 

10. Maintenance contract for College Park CCTV/LPR MESH Security Camera System in Old Town: Bob Ryan, Director of Public Services 

11. Extension of Right-Of-Way Grass Mowing Contract to ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance: Bob Stumpff, Director of Public Works 

12. Approval of a Position on the Cafritz Preliminary Plan of Subdivision/Possible Special Session: Terry Schum, Director of Planning 

13. Agenda items for January 30 Four Cities Meeting in College Park 

14. Appointments to Boards and Committees 



15. Information Report: Reappointment of Board of Election Supervisors: Janeen S. Miller, City Clerk 


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