Officials OK Multimillion Dollar Presidential Mansion Project

Maryland's comptroller said approval of the $7.2 million project does not look good in light of recent sports team cuts.

State officials voted at Wednesday's Board of Public Works meeting to approve the  at the University of Maryland, The Examiner reported.

The building, which is used to host public events, doesn't meet safety codes and hasn't been renovated in more than 10 years, according to The Examiner. But Comptroller Peter Franchot, who voted against the $7.2 million project, said the demolition was an unfortunate project, given the economic climate and an athletic budget deficit at UMd., The Examiner reported.

The athletic department is facing a  in its operating budget for fiscal year 2013, and six teams could be cut if they don't raise eight years worth of operating costs by June, .

But Vice President of University Relations Brodie Remington said that the funds designated for the mansion demolition cannot be transferred to support the athletic budget, according to The Examiner.

Read the full article on The Examiner.

Rick Hudson January 06, 2012 at 04:15 PM
What a travesty... it hasn't been renovated in 10 years!!! Stop the presses! We should certainly spend millions to demolish it right away based on that alone.


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