As of 2010, More Than 30,000 People Call College Park "Home"

The 2010 census shows that the population has increased by more than 20 percent.

College Park has officially reached a population of more than 30,000, according to the 2010 census data released last Wednesday.

The new figures show a 23 percent increase in population from ten years ago, when the census recorded 24,657 people living in College Park. These new numbers also mean that College Park has retained its title as the eighth largest city in Maryland.

Fazlul Kabir, keeper of the blog KabirCares, sifted through the data and found some pretty compelling stuff. It turns out that, of the city's 8,122 housing units, 1,455 of them are unoccupied, meaning that of every five houses, one is left empty.

Does College Park have a problem with vacant houses? Maybe. But according to Councilman Bob Catlin (Dist. 2), it could also mean that many of the city's students (who are indeed figured into the census numbers) failed to fill out their forms, and had left town by the time census workers were sent around to the properties in June. 

College Park also saw a huge increase in Hispanic residents -- 58.5 percent, to be exact. The number of whites, blacks and Asians all rose by around 5 percent.

Check out the census data yourself in the PDF to the right. Something stand out? Email laurene@patch.com and we'll look into it.


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