Update: Suspicious Man Seen Loitering Outside Bank of America Has Existing Criminal Record

Wilbur Sibert has been charged around Maryland with various crimes, from domestic violence to theft

University of Maryland Police issued a warning Saturday of a suspicious man seen loitering around the Bank of America on Baltimore Avenue. Patch has since acquired more detailed information regarding the man's identity.

The man, whose full name is Wilbur Sibert, was first reported to police on August 13 by a witness who had observed him loitering in the area for the past few weeks, said University Police spokesperson Paul Dillon. Sibert would reportedly watch customers use the Bank of America ATM from across Baltimore Avenue. If the customer failed to retrieve their card at the transaction's end, Sibert would approach the ATM and remove the card, or continue with the transaction. However, police have not confirmed any victims of theft associated with Sibert's activities. 

Sibert has an existing criminal record, Maryland court records show.  He has had multiple charges levied against him, from domestic violence to possession of marijuana to theft. Of Sibert's 21 charges in Maryland, two remain active; one for possession of marijuana, and the other for tax lien.

Anyone with any information regarding Mr. Sibert is encouraged to contact Captain Marc Limansky at 301-405-7402, or  mlimansky@umpd.umd.edu.



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