Pr. George's Headlines: Security Guard Shot, Charity Brings Policeman to Tears, Teens Robbed at Gunpoint

Security guard shot inside a grocery, teens robbed at gunpoint while taking out trash, local charity brings policeman to tears and potential Powerball winner in Maryland.

Security Guard Shot Inside South Laurel Grocery Store

A security guard at Bottom Dollar Food in South Laurel was shot Thursday night by two suspects who later fled the scene, according to police. The victim was transported to the hospital in serious condition but is expected to recover.

Local Charity Drive Brings Policeman to Tears

Even grown police officers can cry as evidenced by a local Christmas shopping program for underprivileged kids. Capt. Carl DeWalt with the Laurel Police Department couldn't keep the tears from falling when he shared his story about a boy who wanted to buy boots at Christmas.

Teens Robbed at Gunpoint on Excalibur Court

Two teens were allegedly robbed at gunpoint last Friday on the 3700 block of Excalibur Court while they were taking out the trash, according to a Bowie police report. 

Local Man May Have Learned of Powerball Win in Upper Marlboro

Potential Powerball winner could be from Prince George's County, ABC7 news reports.

ACC Sues University of Maryland for $52M Fee

To ensure the Terps will pay their $50 million exit fee when they leave the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) in two years to join the Big Ten conference, the ACC sued the University of Maryland Monday in a North Carolina court, according to media reports.

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