Court Not Convinced Speed Cameras are Faulty

Days after challenging the accuracy of speed cameras at a press conference in College Park, judge said motorist's arguments against speeding citations falls flat.

A Maryland District Court judge upheld the accuracy of Optotraffic speed cameras in a decision Friday, according to the The Examiner.

The judge ruled against William Foreman, who challenged the accuracy of the cameras to argue 15 speeding citations. He won the first five cases he took to court a few months ago, and he plans to appeal this decision, The Examiner reported.

The judge ruled that Foreman's testimony was not strong enough.

Two days before the court appearance, to challenge the accuracy and the legal authority to place a camera near 3300 Metzerott Road in College Park, where the press conference was held.

 led to the greater question of whether or not the cameras are intended for public safety or as a money maker for the city and for Optotraffic.

The speed camera producer and the city argued that the cameras were indeed accurate and legally placed, and that the .

On the heels of the court decision, the county activated the first county-run speed cameras Monday, a program that will expand to 72 locations in the next year, The Washington Times reported.

The first cameras, provided by Optotraffic, were installed in Fort Washington.


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