Abduction Suspect Arrested After Running Red Light

A University of Maryland police officer arrested Miguel Angel Morales-Iraheta, who ran a red light and was later charged with abduction.

Update, Tuesday: Montgomery County Police spokesperson Lucille Bauer confirmed that Miguel Morales-Iraheta has an open warrant in Montgomery County for first degree rape and first degree sexual offence. Once Prince George's County Police conduct their due process, they will turn Morales-Iraheta over to Montgomery County police, and they will place their charges against him as well. 

Original story: On Sunday, a University of Maryland police officer helped catch a suspect charged with abduction after pulling him over for a traffic violation.

According to police, a 23-year-old woman went inside the convenience store of a gas station on the 2300 block of University Blvd. around 7:45 p.m., leaving the doors of her blue 2000 Oldsmobile Alero unlocked. While she was inside, police determined that the abduction suspect, later identified as Miguel Morales-Iraheta, 32, got inside the car's back seat and crouched down among some grocery bags.

The victim returned to her car, and was driving on Belcrest Road when Morales-Iraheta sprang up in the backseat and wrapped his arm around her, telling her to drive. The victim offered him her wallet, but the suspect refused to release her and told her to keep driving. The victim drove to Route 1 and Rossborough Lane in College Park, where she was able to jump out of the car and run to a nearby fraternity house, where she called the police. Morales-Iraheta got into the driver's seat, and continued to drive the car down Route 1.

According to a university press release, a university police officer pulled Morales-Iraheta over at 7:51 p.m. for running a red light at the intersection of Route 1 and Paint Branch Parkway. Morales-Iraheta sped off as the officer pulled up behind it, and a chase ensued. The car eventually hit a curb near Ruatan Street and Rhode Island Avenue, deflating its tires and forcing it to a stop.

Morales-Iraheta  was stuck in the car due to the vehicle's airbags, which had deployed when the car hit the curb. The officer pulled him out of the car and placed him under arrest. County police arrived on the scene, and identified Morales-Iraheta as the suspect from the abduction which occurred just minutes prior.

According to Maryland court records, Morales-Iraheta has committed crimes in Prince George's County in the past, but the document does not go into detail about the charges against him.

Neither the victim nor Morales-Iraheta is associated with the university.


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