POLL: Do You Support a Casino at National Harbor?

Tell Patch what you think about the proposal for a $1 billion resort casino.

County Executive Rushern L. Baker said last week that he supports a $1 billion resort casino at National Harbor.

His comments came after the County Council said a bill in the General Assembly failed to provide specifics about revenues generated by slots.

Yet, Baker also said he has some concerns.

"I can only support Senate Bill 892 with amendments that will address some of the concerns I have," Baker said in a statement. "When analyzing this bill, I want to ensure that it does not compromise who we are as a County, alter our focus on growing our commercial tax base, or hinder us from providing the level of service and amenities that our citizens deserve."

Baker said some of the benefits of a gaming facility in the county could include bolstering travel and tourism, nearly 5,000 new jobs and revenue to fund education and public safety.

Tell us what you think by voting in the poll below and leave us a comment to let us know where you stand on the issue.

Concerned Citizen February 22, 2012 at 01:20 AM
When are people going to realize that casinos, lotteries, and slots are nothing more then a tax on the poor??? Do you really think that putting a casino in PG County is going to help the people who need the most help??? HECK NO!!! It will be those people who can least afford to gamble that will be flocking to the slots in hopes of hitting the impossible jackpot. Then, we will hear how we need to help them with their gambling addictions. Seriously, are people in PG County so stupid as to support this???? As soon as possible, I'm outta here!!!!
Tea L February 22, 2012 at 09:56 PM
Let the idiots who gamble contribute to our tax base. Plus, it will attract many other geniuses from Virginia, DC and who knows where else to empty their pockets right here. More jobs for police and security forces too, because gambling will attract prostitutes and other types of low life's. Come one, come all, empty your pockets and bank accounts right here in Prince George! How can it get any worse than it already is just because of legalized gaming?
Outraged February 22, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Our focus should by on employment, health care, housing, and especially education. If gambling is the only way we can support education in this state and county, we need new leadership. Someone has to have a better vision. The same argument was used for the Maryland State Lottery, it sounds good and sells. People fall for the same trick over and over again.
michael mcardle February 23, 2012 at 03:30 PM
The notion that casino gambling coming to this county is somehow going to inure to the benefit of the lifestyles of the residents of our communities is absurd. There should be little or no question what this is really about: our own state senator once again proving he is owned, lock, stock and barrel - or at the least rented for the prevailing renumeration for putting public officeholders in the corporate pocket. First Mr. Peters was acquired by the big development community in our county, and his career to date reflects his rhetoric and supposed accomplishments not nearly matching the reality of the out of control growth in his district he did nothing to stop. Npw here he goes again, at the behest of State Senate President Mike Miller and the casino interests . . . selling out his constituents by claiming he just wants the citizens to say yes or no on the ballot to casinos coming to town. What a sham about to be perpetrated on a county that has worked so hard, particularly in recent years, to shed the old "PG County" image and emerge as a national example of a contemporary group of communities dedicated to a family oriented standard of living.


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