Is Upper Marlboro Too Remote to Be the County Seat?

Greater Greater Washington contributor Matt Wilson thinks so.

Would you go to more public hearings or meetings if Prince George's County government were centrally located?

One Greater Greater Washington contributor believes that "access to government is an essential part of a functioning democracy."

Matt Wilson writes:

"Upper Marlboro is on the far eastern edge of Prince George's County. The courthouse, in fact, is only 2 miles from the border with Anne Arundel County. That means that for many residents, it is a long, tedious trip to the county seat to testify before the council or otherwise participate in events at the county's administrative center."

Wilson notes that of Maryland 23 county seats, Upper Marlboro is the 9th most distant from its county's geographic center.

Upper Marlboro is almost 10 miles away from its most populated area—which is near Landover, according to Wilson's map.

Read Wilson's full post on Greater Greater Washington.

Tell Us: Does Prince George's County government's location in Upper Marlboro deter people from becoming involved in the process? 

Ken Montville March 05, 2013 at 08:48 PM
If testifying at public hearings is the challenge maybe the County Council could do some road trips. Of course, that would mean they would be "trapped" and unable to get up and leave to do other things. I agree that Upper Marlboro is a bit of a hike but it is what it is. There are tons of offices for different things up there as well as the courthouse. There are some County functions in Largo (permits come immediately to mind). Remember, we used to be a big rural County and drive "a ways" wasn't a big deal and you knew your Councilman.
Donald James March 07, 2013 at 04:23 PM
I've always thought Upper Marlboro was to far. Although I drive, just having to go to Jury duty the trip wasn't the best in rush hour from Greenbelt. I can't imagine those that do not drive having to make that trek. I think it would be a bit more appropriate if the county seat was closer in, preferably metro accessible with the train and multiple bus lines.


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