LIVE: Patch Rides Along With Ride on Washington

We're learning more about the initiatives of these bike safety activists, and about the locals involved.

About 20 cyclists have spent the past 4-1/2 days treking from Boston toward Washington, D.C., and today, they'll be stopping briefly at in College Park, for food, drinks and a breather.

. The group, led by six-time cyclocross world champion Tim Johnson, is advocating for initiatives that promote bike-friendly communities, raising money for the Bikes Belong Foundation along the way.

Hoping to pick up additional bikers along the way, Tim Johnson's Ride on Washington will end in the District Tuesday afternoon, the first day of the National Bike Summit, where hundreds of cyclists are expected to lobby Congress to fund initiatives that make communities more bike-friendly.

The College Park Patch editor will be riding along with the group from Proteus to the District  and back again, to learn more about their goals and about the locals involved. Follow this page for live updates. A few things to note:

  • I won't be providing updates while actually riding... This is an event to promote bike safety measures, after all. So there will likely be a long stretch of time with no messages from me. Before and after the ride I'll do my best to provide photo and Tweet updates.
  • Not all the Tweets in the live blog are produced by the editor. It will also garner Tweets by Tim Johnson, and Tweets with the hastag #TJROW.

Disclosure: Proteus Bicycles loaned the non-cyclist editor a bike to ride along and observe the Ride on Washington.


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