College Park Grapples With Deadly Shooting

Reactions to Tuesday's murder-suicide that left two University of Maryland students dead and a third injured.

Early Tuesday morning, two University of Maryland students were left dead and another injured in a shooting on 36th Ave. in College Park. Police say that the gunman, identified as 23-year-old graduate student Dayvon Maurice Green, set several fires around his house before shooting two of his roommates when they came outside. One—Stephen Alex Rane, 22, of Silver Spring—was later pronounced dead, while another suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Green then turned the gun on himself, according to police.

News of the incident sent shockwaves across College Park and the University of Maryland. Below, we've collected some of the accounts of and reactions to the shooting, both from Patch's own coverage and from other media outlets following the story. Click on each publication's name to view the full article.

The Washington Post: “He was not on the radar screen at all. It’s just a god-awful tragedy." —University of Maryland Police Chief David Mitchell, speaking of shooter Dayvon Maurice Green.

ABC2: “We couldn’t decide if it was firecrackers or gunshots. Figured if it was firecrackers, we’ll find out later. If it’s gunshots, we should really stay inside.”  —Paul Rowe, 22, a senior at UMD and neighbor of the house where the shooting occurred

Patch: “Tonight, each of us seeks to ease our pain. How can we make sense of an act so utterly senseless, especially when it comes from one of our own?” —University of Maryland President Wallace Loh, speaking at Tuesday's vigil

The Gazette: “I don’t know how that student had access to that weapon. I wonder how a person who’s clearly disturbed had access to a gun. We need to come up with a comprehensive way of approaching access to guns and mental illness. I’m really saddened by it." —College Park Mayor Andy Fellows

The Washington Post“For me, I’m just grateful that I’m alive and that my friends are alive," —Chip Cobb, 24, a graduate student at UMD and a neighbor of the house where the shooting occurred.

The Diamondback: “I’m now extremely worried for my safety. It’s not something to be calm about." —Amal Figueroa, a sophomore at UMD

WTOP: "These occurrences seem to have become so commonplace that we run the risk of reacting with nonchalance when violence happens far away, which is a sad state of affairs. And yet, this event is not foreign to us this time. It happened in our home. This home." —David Colon-Cabrera, President of the UMD Graduate Student Government

Patch: "The Student Government Association hopes that all community members will seek the help he or she needs to cope with this tragedy. Our peaceful community is shaken when such a violent act is committed so close to home." —Statement by the UMD Student Government Association

The Baltimore Sun: "He [Rane] always knew how to bring a smile to people's faces. He was a goofball for sure. His sense of humor was so wacky and unique. You couldn't help but fall in love with his charisma." —Emma Chang, a College Park senior and friend of victim Stephen Rane

Patch: “I will remember Stephen for his wry and witty sense of humor. While reserved at times, he was extremely friendly and funny once you got to know him. He was a creative and unique individual who will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.” —Victor Osnos, a senior at UMD and friend of victim Stephen Rane

The Diamondback: "This will put a cloud over our campus. In the coming days, we’ll all hear many questions asked and unverified rumors. This editorial board recognizes there is no single coping mechanism for the entire community. What we do know is that ultimately, we need to recognize there are two fewer members of our university family." —The Editorial Board of The Diamondback, UMD's independent student newspaper

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