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Google is doing away with its Keyword tool. As a business and social media manager, I have to think twice before investing in buying keywords on search engines. 

Why Google has done away from keyword tool and has replaced it with semantic search and social signals?

That's the question we must ask before making any decisions into our broader marketing campaigns online. A little research revealed this share worthy info.

"That means Google is getting smarter at understanding what we are about and who we know (or more correctly who knows us).

How is that going to affect your business? 
In a big way. 

Because now how you appear on searches depends not just on keywords and links. It depends on who you are connected with online (which should not be a surprise to us considering this is how the real world is). Being a market leader and an expert is even more important now and that works in your favor, because you are the expert in your field".

Fazia S. Mack (CHA/ Travel Blogger)

(Business development Manager)


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