Readers' Choice: Best Sporting Goods Store

When your athletic wardrobe or equipment stash needs to be replenished, where do you go?

Asking Patch readers to name their favorite sporting goods store in the area is probably like pitting one lifestyle against another.

If you're a soccer or tennis fan, you'll likely claim loyalty to in College Park. If running is more your speed (pun intended) or you bounce toward basketball (terrible pun intended), then maybe you probably like in Greenbelt.

A wide selection of clothing with a recognizable name could be important to you, in which case you probably gravitate toward in Hyattsville. And if you think a sport isn't a sport if it doesn't involve a bit of dirt, then in College Park is likely your favorite local place to find sporting goods.

Yes, we realize this week's Readers' Choice for "best sporting goods store" could easliy be interpreted as "best sport." But maybe that'll add a little juice to the competition. (If anything, it has to be better than last week's ".")

You'll find each of the options described above in the poll below. You may vote once each day on your local Patch site.

But the contest doesn't end with votes! We'll also consider the star ratings for the top three highest vote-getters. That means if you really want to give your favorite store a boost, rate the business in the Patch directory. You can do that by clicking on the business name below:

  • in College Park
  • in Hyattsville
  • in Greenbelt
  • in College Park

If you think we missed a sporting goods store in the College Park, Greenbelt, Hyattsville or Riverdale Park-University Park area, that would be a solid contender in this contest, let us know before Tuesday. Write a comment about it below.

Because this poll is not scientific, the votes will not be the sole consideration in choosing the winner. The winner will be determined by Patch editors, and the selection will be based on poll results, ratings and reviews. Please vote only once per survey and per Patch. Other Readers' Choice rules accompany this post in the PDF.

Doug Love April 09, 2012 at 12:02 PM
We're short of surplus stores. Ranger Surplus in Wheaton is all that's left. For awhile it was a skinhead shop, playing trombone and bagpipe music. When Sunny's went away, they hired college students and became more friendly.
J. Doe April 09, 2012 at 01:46 PM
REI is hands down the best place to go on your list. They are pricier than the others but the selection and quality of goods is FAR superior. When I need actual sporting goods, I find Modell's has limited stock and usually head over to Sports Authority in Bowie.


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