Krazi Kebob: Fusion Confusion?

The Washington Post gave high marks to the year-old Indian/Pakistani/Mexican restaurant that replaced the kosher Pita Plus.

Some might think the mix of Indian, Pakistani and Mexican fare at Krazi Kebob is a “fusion confusion,” Washington Post restaurant reviewer Rina Rapuano recently wrote. But owner Naumaan "Nomie" Hamid, 25, said the flavors go perfectly together.

"Indian, Mexican and Pakistani food use all the same spices, and you can wrap them," he said.

Rapuano seemed to agree, giving several menu items high marks, but a Patch reviewer wasn't so kind after visiting the .

Though pleased with the service, Mike DiMarco just didn't think the flavors went together.

"The sweetness of the masala was offset by the bitterness of the cilantro. The tang of the pico was overwhelmed by the fragrance of the mint chutney," . "Perhaps the greatest sin of all was that the beautiful piece of Naan bread that I watched being baked in the clay oven in front of me was drowned out by all the conflicting flavors."

Meanwhile, Rapuano had nothing but recommendations, including the paneer wrap, chicken tikka wrap and steak nachos.

Do you think Krazi Kebob is a success in flavor fusion? Take the Patch poll below.

Krazi Kebob opened last fall, after the county’s only kosher restaurant —  — .


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