To Be or What: Anderson Cooper

A reflection on Anderson Cooper's announcement that he is gay.

In Monday's news, the headlines said that CNN commentator Anderson Cooper made a public announcement that he is gay and proud. Congratulations, Anderson—I don't care!

In the last few months, Jim Parson from the CBS show The Big Bang Theory and Matt Boomer from USA Network show White Collar also admitted they were gay. Again, congratulations—I don't care!

The question is: does being gay make you a better reporter or a greater actor? In my opinion, no. I watch shows for stories and maybe for laughs, not because an actor is gay or not.

If an actors kisses an actress on a show and it's believable, that's fine with me. Do I care if Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is gay? No, as long as he can still make me laugh (and he does). What the actor does personally is his business, not mine!

We don't look at an actor kissing an actress on screen and assume they are playing around with each other off screen. (Let's keep Brad and Angie out of this discussion—they are exceptions to the rule.) It really does not matter! 

Did the news and issues change when Anderson Cooper admitted that he was gay? If he is handling a show on the subjects of AIDS or gay issues, does his viewpoint change? I can't tell you—I have never seen it change. Nor will I care.

What annoys me is when the television gossip shows like TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The View, The Talk, The Insider, or Access Hollywood wave it in front of us like it's an important issue. The gossip rags like People, US, or the Star tout these so-called news stories on supermarket shelves like it's news we need to know—but it really isn't important! There are better issues to report.

The issue seems simple: let's stop looking at people as just gay or straight. Let's look at each person as a real person, both in Hollywood and in real life.

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Pamela Torro July 05, 2012 at 09:03 PM
I think him publicly coming out is a good thing for the exact reasons he explains in his email. On the other hand, I also respect his reasons for not wanting to initially (safety, privacy etc). When public figures come out it does just a little more to break down the still existing barriers and prejudices the LGBT community still face. In the grand scheme of things, do I care that Anderson Cooper is gay? No, not at all, but the whole picture is better than caring whether or not he is gay. There is a message behind him coming out as there are with other public figures. Also, for shows like TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The View, The Talk, The Insider, or Access Hollywood and gossip rags like People, US, or the Star, this is important news to them because THAT is precisely the type of thing they report. I am sure the next cover of US Weekly will be about the TomKat divorce because in the world of gossip media, that too is big news. If it were all over CNN, Fox News or MSNBC, then yes, I can see an issue there. I agree that we should start looking at people as real people and grant equal rights to each real person.
Lee Havis July 06, 2012 at 11:33 AM
I'm for back to the "don't ask, don't tell" concept. I won't be voting for CP to sponsor a "gay pride" day celebration, even if I risk a summons from the PC police or the "civil rights" commission for violating some protected oppressed catagory of human beings. If we set aside the labels and group identification, then it's better for all. Can we all agree that the main issue is being "human" rather than a member of some "oppressed" class of people?
Danny July 06, 2012 at 11:45 AM
so anderson cooper and everyone else who may end up on your radar should stay in the closet simply because you don't care about their identity? if you're not interested in anyone's identity (and by "anyone," of course i mean gay people, since there's not much negative feedback when a straight person announces an opposite-gender relationship), then simply ignore these types of announcements, which aren't intended for the close-minded anyway.


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