Brentwood Man Displays Christmas Charity

Last years display contained over 16,000 lights.

If it weren't for a feral cat named Wiggles that wandered to Jason Keirns house three years ago, Alley Cat Rescue in Brentwood may not have the holiday support of donated blankets, cat food and toys.

Starting next week, Keirns house in the 3400 block of 41st Avenue, will be lit up with a holiday display and a spot for people to drop off supplies to be donated to the cat rescue.

According to Keirn, he's outside accepting donations most of the day and evening.

Keirns fell in love with cats when he brought Wiggles into his home and now has several other rescued cats.

To get an idea of the size of the display, last year Keirns used 14,600 lights.

And last year alone he collected over 250 cans of cat food, four bags of blankets, four cat carriers and cat toys.


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