Teachers—Take Part in LearnBop’s Connected Educators Month Webinars!

Connected Educators Month (CEM) is nearly here.  Want to get involved?  Click here to sign up for a webinar as part of LearnBop’s CEM Webinar Series, or read on to learn more.

All of our webinars will be led by Cindy Bryant, LearnBop’s Director of Learning and winner of a Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics.  Cindy has sat on the NCTM Board of Directors, and has decades of experience teaching.  Join her for free professional development!

What is CEM?

Connected Educators Month is a nation-wide month of events sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, centered around ways that educators can use the internet and new technology to support their students, and each other.

Participation in online communities, the use of automated tutoring systems, and finding ways to harness the power of new technology and blended learning are some central points of focus for this year’s CEM.  

How Can I Participate?

Sign up for one of LearnBop’s free webinars!  Here is a list of the webinar topics being offered by LearnBop for CEM:

·      Cultivating Intelligence and Talent through a Growth Mindset

·      Self-Directed Learning: Not Just Choosing a Destination, but Planning the Trip!

·      RtI = Response to Inequities – Providing an equitable mathematics program for all!

You can click here to read more about these topics, or click here to sign up to participate!

Interested in participating in CEM, but want to know about other events being offered?  Click here to learn about all of the events being offered by Connected Educators Month.


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